KCH Knorr Chef fest? 3 reasons Why this women meetup was a whole next level!

Cooking brings community closer! And this fest was a seamless example for empowerment.

Karachi Chefs at home is a facebook community which was founded by Saba Mohsin Sheikh back in 2015 as result of her love for food, cooking and sharing recipes with her friends. The group grew tremendously in last two years with over a members of 1,00,000 and number of successfully executed meetups and online competitions. However Knorr KCH chef fest is one of the grand happenings which happened last year too and this year also Saba and her team in collaboration with Knorr organized a chef fest which was surely a talk of town.

knorr cheg fest.jpg

Ticket charges to this grand fiesta was 2500/- and every invite was sent along with a cute Apron to all attendees. Also KCH and Knorr were kind enough to send in a huge PR package to me with full of Knorr goodies. LOVED IT!


At first I was reluctant to go as I had no friends to accompany me there but I am glad I finally made to the event. Absolutely loved the entire execution of event. This fest was surely a meetup with a swag. And why I say so? Read the reasons below!

  • Celebrating creativity:

Not often we ladies cooking for our families and friends acquire as much appreciation as we deserve but KCH provided a community to celebrate these amazing skills of cooking with creativity. Cherry on top, Knorr supported KCH to bring all these women together at one place to acknowledge these skills. And to own up the fact that cooking brings community closer.

From virtual kitchen by Knorr to star chef awards, from live cooking competition to master class by expert chefs, this fest positively sets a benchmark!

  • Women Empowerment:

500 women at one place calls for perfect networking opportunity no? Women from all domains joined this meetup because they all shared common love for cooking and food! I met ladies whom I just knew online but always wanted to have interaction in real. This event helped to cherish new friendships and break the ice between many. We talked, we ate, we had fun and oh we also made a puzzle together. And this all enjoyment happed without even worrying about running after kids haha! Heading out of home all dressed up without a diaper bag and anyone not pulling my hair was the best thing happened to me after so long. It was a much needed break from all household and work chaos. By the end of this meetup, all I could see were smiling faces and feel positive vibes because I am sure everyone enjoyed this anticipated break!

me kch.jpg    team.jpg                puzzle


Check the Photography by Huma Ali and Rabiah asif paracha who captured the beautiful smiling faces and cheerful moments through their lens



  • Food and Giveaways:

A meetup with yummy food? Obviously! Who says no to hi-tea and AMAZING appetizers by chefs! But fun does not ends here. We all didn’t just gobble down all the scrumptious dishes but we also received a huge goody bag which had a worth of more than a ticket price. Discount voucher by Mandi express, Allaya Khan, Nina Lotia salon and bits and bob event management, A beautiful stole by Allaya khan, master class certificate and Nicer Dicer along with goodies by Knorr were the show stealer. Now I know why kids feel so happy after getting their goody bags in birthday parties.


After reading all these reasons which made knorr kch fest stand out, I am sure you are secretly wishing to attend it next year. Make sure you do! Kudos to Team Knorr and KCH for this successful fest.



5 starter tips to develop your child’s love for books!

Today when excess use of gadgets and technology in daily lives is surpassing the love for book reading, we need to make special efforts for our children in order to keep the love for books alive. As much as it is difficult at times to minimize screen time and make our kids sit with books, I keep following these simple tricks to develop and uphold this love for books in my child.

Yes I am one of those moms who love to capture pictures of my kids when they have books in their hands. Sharing some pics of my kids and nephew. HEHE Call me crazy but I want my munchkins to be avid readers.

So below are the tips you can follow easily in order to attract your kids towards that book shelf.

Start it early:

Introduce board books to your baby as early as possible. My second one is 6 month old and I placed some colorful books in front of him a week back. Oh boy he loved the colors and smiled. I instantly realized I did the right thing!

Practice before you preach:

Same old lesson but a very important one. I have observed myself that when I use my phone excessively, my son inclination towards his tab is more. However when I read myself, or choose to sit with him with all the books around, results are different. Your child cannot love books if you love your phone more! Simple It is. Just like my 5 month old is sitting next to me with a touch baby book while I type this blog on my laptop. Is he interested in book? NO! But as soon as I will shut my laptop and read to him, He will enjoy the colors of the book. He really does! Tried and tested.

Make a Trip to bookstore more often:

Whenever we go to mall, I make sure to take a round of any bookstore to develop his interest. At times we buy expensive book, other times we just buy a coloring book or any item which is less in price but the visit to bookstore is must. We will have annual book expo very soon in Karachi so if you have kids 5 year above make sure you take them along. They will definitely enjoy it. You can also buy inexpensive or preloved books from various online pages on Facebook and Sunday bazars.


Books as a reward/gift:

We have this trend of gifting toys and every other kid’s related stuff but books! Sad but true. We need to change this inclination. Reward your kids or gift them book habitually. If you know any particular interest of your child like cars or dinosaurs or love for fairytales, buy books according to that. My child loves cars. Hence we have more car and vehicles books in our collection.

Easy Access:

In desi household usually books are placed inside cupboards or drawers. We need to make easy access to books so that kids don’t need to depend on us to get hold of the book if we are busy. Have a look at how I made a bookshelf for my child and trust me it worked wonders. Or you can also buy a simple big size plastic tub/box, decorate it, name it as *your child name* mini library, and place it in most used space of your house. I placed it in my lounge. Fill it with colorful board books and story books. This will definitely help a lot to increase the vocabulary and sentence fluency.13346441_10154324326068933_7877007909812476061_n

Storytime playdate with friends and cousin.

If you know mommies of your kids’ school friends or your child have cousins of same age, arranging an in-house storytelling session or reading playdate can be a super idea.

Well we all are raising a gadget generation. I won’t say that I have kept my place gadget free zone however being a book lover myself I try my best to keep the culture of book reading alive at my home. Because we all know a book can be best of friends.

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. I hope you liked the tips. Share this blog with your friends and don’t forget to leave a feedback,




Must-join Facebook Communities by Pakistanis!

Facebook group is the feature which may sound small to some but if managed in proper manner, these groups can turn in to strong communities having sturdy influence and power of positivity where people can pursue support for almost every aspect of life.

Since most of my work is related to social media and I manage one such strong community (KSG) too, I thought of compiling a list of top most Pakistani Facebook groups which are worth joining and administered at the best by remarkable people but hey some of these communities are just for ladies.

Here is the comprehensive list with the links and categories. Joining these groups may take time because profiles are screened by admins. Also it is recommended to read the pinned post of all these groups once your request is approved so that you are not kicked out for breaking the rules of community.

Disclaimer: This list is based on my experiences of these communities. Your opinions may differ. You can share if you find it worthy 😀

Pakistani Chefs at home (open for both males and females)

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pakistanichefsathome/

Group dedicated to cooking, home-made food discussions and recipes

Karachi Chefs at home (for females only)

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/karachichefsathome/

Group dedicated to cooking, home-made food discussions and recipes

Karachi Schools’ Guide KSG official (open for males and females)

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/karachischoolsguide/

Group dedicated in Bridging the gap between parents, teachers, educators and students in order to bring them on a single page for an exchange of healthy information related to the field of education and activities which will aid to the constructive development of kids.

Special Needs Pakistan (open for males and females)

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/685128974913634/

Group dedicated in providing a resourceful network for parents, siblings, families and friends of all those who need extra love, attention or care in any given way. Whether it be physical, mental, neural and or mostly related to appearances.

MARHAM (open for males and females)

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/marham.pk/

MARHAM is created with an aim to provide quick medical help to the patients in terms of right doctor identification, sharing the Quick access points of the doctors and other such problems.

Peace.mind.body (ladies only)

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/peacemindbody/

Group is dedicated to healthy lifestyle, fitness and diets which can transform you for better

Deen sisters (ladies only)


Group dedicated for discussion of beautiful & inspirational aspects of Islam.

Food beat (for males and females)

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FoodBeatKarachi/?ref=br_rs

Group dedicated to sharing of food adventures and reviewing eateries/restaurants of Karachi and other cities.

Food critique at home (ladies only)

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foodcritiqueathome/

Group dedicated to sharing of food adventures and reviewing eateries/restaurants of Karachi and other cities.

Soul Sisters Pakistan (ladies only)

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/414865225284415/?ref=search

Group dedicated to provide support system to every Pakistani Women. A great example of women empowerment indeed.

Sheops (ladies only)

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sheops/?ref=br_rs

Ultimate marketplace for women having registered women sellers. This group has given a boost to ladies entrepreneurs in real means.

Hire Yourself – Job & Internship Opportunities in Karachi (open for males and females)

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/HireYourselfKarachi/?ref=br_rs

Group dedicated in providing updates about job openings in companies and organization of Karachi.

Haalat updates (open for males and females)

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/haalatpk/

A group allowing its members to report any disturbances in or near your area, so we can all stay safe.

Vogue Amour – Glamour Dose (ladies only)

Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vogueamour/

Group dedicated to daily dose of fashion and beauty updates such as new launches, reviews, hauls, sales, discounts and much more.










Colgate Global Art Contest receives record breaking entries this year! Have a glimpse of winning artworks.

Pablo Picasso once said
“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
Following the key principle of Pablo’s wisdom, Colgate takes the initiative of organising the global art contest every year both locally and internationally. And this year was no exception. However the astonishing fact was, 115,595 entries were received from across the nation. Now this says a lot about the talent of our kids. Indeed it is a strong testimony of budding and flourishing love of art in our young ones.
The relation between colours and imagination dates back to the cave ages, where the children and adults drew stories on the walls of the caves, some real, some imagined, all seeped deep in history. To make this relationship of imagination and creativity, this global art contest is held every year.
The colgate art exhibition was held at Alliance Francaise, where the noble and esteemed art jury presented awards to the young winners. The walls were filled with thousands and thousands of artworks received from across the country. Children of all ages drew on a theme “what a smile and what colgate means to them.” Each painting or drawing was unique in its expression and execution. The young minds demonstrated their expressions brilliantly with master strokes of paints, crayons, colour pencils. Each artwork was a tiny story, a colourful glimpse into their brilliant mind.
Colgate art exhibition was a wonderful demonstration of how parents encouraged and motivated their children to participate in the vivid world of colours and imagination.
It was refreshing to see proud parents showing off their children’s artwork instead of grades and results. Congratulations to the parents and teachers of winning kids and all those who had the courage to participate. May all kids soar high with their immense talents.
Thumbs up to Colgate for initiating BRIGHT SMILES BRIGHT FUTURES.
-Ishroon Nazish
Team Karachi Schools’ Guide

Mother’s day celebration with Sindbad Wonderland


I love Sindbad, You love Sindbad. We all love Sindbad . Yes we do! Sindbad is our go-to place every other weekend for obvious reasons

  1. Refreshing outing with entertainment maintains my kiddo’s sanity
  2. I love the games equally. Since I am not that old, I have some childhood memories from Sindbad too hehe!

Receiving invitation to celebrate mother’s day at our favorite place was over joyous for me and my son.

I was definitely looking forward to some cool celebrations and an ultimate mom’s day out at the newly renovated jungle themed Sindbad at dolmen mall tariq road. Did I mention new spinning bumper car ride was the one we were most excited for?

So yeah yesterday was Mother’s day and we spent an hour at Sindbad enjoying all the games and rides.  My son enjoyed the perks his mommy received as blogger while I was thrilled with the bumper car ride.

Here are the glimpses of how we celebrated our day at Sindbad.


18492374_10155442576223933_862953143_n Trying to get some candies for me. yep! Just kidding. I didn’t get one. He treated himself with all.

18516812_10155442576208933_471750770_o We have some great obsession with cars. Hence this ride is mandatory.

18492112_10155444704273933_1508400683_n.jpg some more games!


These bumper cars were the highlight of the day. Why? because we adults can take the ride too and that’s the best part indeed. Also, this ride can let the entire family enjoy a ride together and hold a small competition as they have score board too. Get on the car and spin yourself to some craziness! Unfortunately we didn’t win this competition from other mom bloggers but loved the thrilling ride.

18493398_10155442576088933_296823946_o    18518778_10155442576023933_1352431288_n

Thank you sindbad for these lovely goodies. Absolutely loved the bookmark and mask. Divine cupcake was a yummy treat for me which of course I had to share 😀


Day spent and celebrated well. Thank you so much Sindbad for making efforts of going an extra mile to see mommies happy with their kiddos.

Thumbs up.

May you keep making families happy always!

A brief guide and my experience about distant learning program from VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY

Hi there everyone!

Hope my blog will benefit you and motivate you to pursue your studies.

Because when there is a will, there is a way.

Bit long but sharing my entire journey so that it is easier for you to decide.

Life brings in different circumstances for all us. We have to compromise somehow but there are always ways out to achieve your aspirations.

About my journey, I was unable to continue my bba after 1st semester from a reputable university due to some personal reasons and this always made me regret. I did my certification in multimedia and advertising from ARENA MULTIMEDIA but I was least interested and creative in graphic designing so it did not bring in any benefit to me. I started working as a content writer and realized my potential for writing but obviously I didn’t have any relevant degree to pursue this career of journalism professionally. I was married at the age of 19 and wanted to achieve Bachelor’s degree with desperation as all my friends were studying in reputable universities, I enrolled for B.COM in GOVT College after marriage. Here again I was not at all interested in accounting and such subjects. My complicated pregnancy allowed me to escape from this program too. AGAIN A REGRET.

After my son was 2 years, the love for degree program ignited again but I couldn’t afford the hassle of re-applying for my intermediate mark sheet, and take regular coaching classes for any program as leaving home with small child was not easy for me. I started looking for accessible and easy options. One lucky day, one of my mentor suggested me to look up for VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY degree programs. And there I found a distant learning degree program which suited my interest and accessibility.

I chose to explore the entire website and finally enrolled for 2 year degree program BA in mass communication. Yes I finally found a program catering to my interest. 2 years were not easy for me considering a busy life with family and part-time work.

Anyways I would like to guide and share my experience about this distant learning program with people sailing in the same boat so that the doubts are cleared.

Admission process:

Entire process is bit easier one. You have to first fill a form online and submit all necessary details. They will get back to you through email if you are eligible for the program. They will verify your previous degree online through your credentials or roll number. My intermediate degree was verified through my roll number. Then comes the fee paying process through bank and submitting the documents on campus.

Apply online here


There are two campus in Karachi. One is at shahrae faisal. One at north nazimabad.

Rest of the campuses in different cities can be checked on their website.


Study schemes, fee structures, eligibility criteria, credit hours etc., everything is mentioned on their official website.


they have 2 year, 4 year, masters, post graduate diploma and various certificate courses.

For local fee structure:



Once your admission is finalized, you will get access to online learning management system through user name and password assigned to you.

This learning management is user-friendly and more like an online university.

All the chosen courses for respective semester or study scheme have their video lessons, time table, grading schemes, lecture handouts etc.

There is a schedule uploaded for the video lessons for all courses however you can always watch video lessons at your own convenience.

All quizzes, assignment and graded discussion board happen online.

Glimpse of LMS



How I survived this all?

There is different grading scheme for all courses so you can check the weightage of marks for every course. Quizzes and assignments give you advantage if you are unable to score good during mids and finals.

Sometimes I was unable to attend few quizzes or submit few assignments but eventually my hard work in finals and mids helped me to secure good GPA in all 4 semesters. 4 semesters for 2 year degree program. Your number of semesters depend upon your degree program.

Yes for each semester you have to visit your chosen campus for midterm and final exams.

About their examination format?

First of all, we have to make our own date sheet when the portal opens this option in given dates. We can choose our own preferred dates and time slots from the given one. Seats get filled really fast so we need to keep track of portal opening so that we can choose date and time of our convenience else we have to choose slots having empty seats.

For exams we have to visit campus.

Academic calendar specifies the starting date of midterms, finals and other important dates.

Exams happen online (on computer) at campus. Subjective and objective (MCQs) both.

Exam password is given when you make a date sheet.

I was unable to watch all videos as most of my courses were theoretical so I purchased books of handouts through website and covered my subjects through reading lessons mostly. However to clear the concepts of practical subjects, you will need to watch videos. You can purchase a CD of al lectures or download all at once from lab if your internet access is weak.

To clear exams, your concepts should be clear. NO ratta system. No filling exam sheets tension.  If your answer is logically correct, you will score well.

Various portals and facebook groups by students have past papers for different courses which will give you an idea about their examination pattern.

Your study scheme will tell you about your requirements of project/viva/internship in last semester. Mine didn’t have any project or internship requirement as I was a two year program.

Now coming towards few frequently asked questions I come across?

Is fee structure reasonable?


Is degree HEC recognized?


The Virtual University has been established by the Government of Pakistan. As such, its degrees are recognized nationally as well as internationally. Please visit the HEC web-site (http://www.hec.gov.pk/OurInstitutes/Pages/Default.aspx)

Are the courses competent?

Yes. I did one semester from a reputable university so I can confidently say that courses of VU are competent enough. Knowledge I gained by learning these courses made me confident enough to apply it in practical jobs or journalism career.

Virtual University programs are based on curricula developed by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The course outlines used in these curricula are based on international demands and standards.

Is management cooperative?

Yes very much. In my second semester I took part in coco cola MENA scholarship program and made it to semifinalists. I needed urgent transcripts and teacher recommendation letter from VU which seemed impossible to me as it was urgent but administration from head office cooperated and arranged all necessary documents for me.

If you want to go for regular BA or BCOM program I will suggest to for private degree from KU as it will save the hassle of semester system and appearing for exams 4 times a year however Virtual University is the best option if you cannot go for regular classes for 4 year degree programs or other ones.

This is it. I hope you get your answers and will think about continuing your studies.

Dream big. Achieve big.

Remember me in your prayers.


Binish Umair. https://www.facebook.com/binish.umair?ref=bookmarks

Founder Karachi Schools’ Guide https://www.facebook.com/groups/karachischoolsguide/










One thing which you should let your child do often

Parenting is no laidback task, we all know it and swaying it totally in your own eyes is another story. Oh we so wish that we received a customized parenting guide from ALLAH for our every child but that’s also not happening. Every child is different so expecting the same outcome from all kids in a group or family is totally unfair to them. However there is one applicable things by all parents which can definitely produce amazing results in longer run. Oh wait? Did I say applicable? Yes it is applicable but it needs heaps of courage from a parent to do make this entire phenomenon happen and that too HABITUALLY.

Well, no! I am not talking about any rocket science or philosophy. I just want to say that

We Should…

Let our kids…




Start with the basics. Small stuff yes.

I will share my personal experience here. Few days back, my 4.6 year old son had a winter celebration at his school for which he had to dress up in cute jacket or winter clothing. I wanted him to wear the newest from wardrobe but he was insistent to wear his bit old spider man jacket with a hoodie cum mask. He was too excited and finally I gave up. I let him wear his fav hoodie and boy! what a joy I witnessed on his face early morning melted my heart. Moreover, the thought of not imposing my choice was another satisfaction. I realized he wouldn’t be same enthusiastic if I would have made him wear my choice of clothes.

Now, there are times when child MUST do something and we as a parent cannot give them space to make choices however we can always change our approach. For example, you have to feed veggies to your child.


Instead, if possible you eat it first. Then you can say, “Veggies make you strong and you have to eat must but you can always choose how to take them. Either with some dips or a sandwich.”

Going for grocery shopping with kids is like going to battlefield without any safety measures. Yea! No safety measures for going out of budget. Here, again we can imply the same approach of letting them make choices. Give them a budget and allow them to choose what they want to buy. Sometimes their choices might be a failure but trust me they realize it and you will witness the difference in your next trip. My son always picks up lots of chocolates and candies and kinder egg but we ask him to choose one thing and eventually he choose one. Mostly kinder egg because candy with a toy is a bonus for him 😀

Once you get into this habit of allowing your kids to make choices, you will be amazed with the transformation with their growing age. Moreover, you will witness countless such small opportunities where you will feel less burdened because your child is now independent to make a choice himself. Also, with time kids will also realize that if they are making choices, they will also be liable for consequences.

Let them make choices and they will understand the meaning of partnership, decision-making, control, failure and wins. It is very important to understand that as a parent when we need to step in and when to step back.


like and share if you think we should do this one thing often to our kids.




Simple tips to improve your child’s communication skills

There are many queries on group about how to improve child’s spoken English and these repeated questions made me write this blog post. We all are more concerned about how our child converse or communicate in a certain language, however firstly we should concentrate more on developing overall communication skills of our kids. Instead of limiting their skills to a specified paradigm or language, we should let them communicate at their comfort in order to enhance their expressions and point of views. I am not denying to the fact that kids are adaptable to more than one language since early childhood but right now we need to pay more attention to the inclusive communication building and social skills.

According to the recent public survey, 90% of public voted in favor of communication skill as a requirement for children to success in world today and ahead.

Indeed it is.!

And from when a baby starts to communicate and with whom?

Remember those little kicks you felt in your womb when you satisfied your pregnancy cravings? Happiness expressed well from very start to the mommy and later on when the little munchkin entered this world, both the parents equally contribute towards the development of communication skills of their child. May it be verbal or non-verbal communication?

So the topic is gigantic and we can definitely work upon the series of such skills to build into our children. Let’s start from very basic things. Who play the most important role to build, develop and improve communication skills in a child? You! Yes mommy and daddy! Later school, teachers and peers play their part.

How can you do your job well?

Need to follow some elementary tips in start and definitely you will be surprised with the difference.

Be a good listener:

Yes sounds easy no? But how many of you bother to listen to those cute little stories or about little quarrels they had with their friends in school?

Obviously you do while preparing their lunch or watching TV. This is exactly where we go wrong. Our kids need uninterrupted listening from our side so that their urge to communicate and speak increases. They will be surely least bothered if they find you an aloof listener. Let them talk more, let them express and be there to listen without your phone, TV, kitchen etc.


Ask for their opinions whenever possible:

If you are watching a movie together, ask for their detailed review after it finishes. Ask about their likes and dislikes through little questions. This will not just let them be more expressive but eventually build more curiosity for next time.

If you are travelling in car, talk about sceneries and different objects. Make them speak about road conditions, billboards or things they see. This will make them fluent and observant.

If you are dining-out, let them read and work on the menu. Help them to decide by discussion about their favorite cuisines and flavors.

In short, do not miss these small opportunities to enhance your child’s communication. Excessive love bonding is a bonus. Yippee!


Appreciate more, Criticize less.

Often we hush away our kids if they come up with made up stories or Lame-for-us things and in this entire process, we deny the element that they are being child only it’s just that we have forgot to act like mature adults.

Give them value. Appreciate them often. Make wise use of your words. Try to maximize the use of encouraging words so they learn the same, build empathy and be kind with their communication. Give them positive attention and practice phrases like

Fine    Very good    Very fine    Excellent   Marvelous  you’re doing better    That’s perfect Good idea    What a clever idea

That’s it    Good job    Great job controlling yourself    I like the way you ______   I’m sure glad you are my son/daughter    Now you’ve got it    I love you

Not just in word, but your nonverbal communication should also be heartening. Hug them often. Clap for them. Pat their back. Smile. Tickle. Wink. Give a high five.images-1


Again READ:

One word but vast influence. Read for them, read to them, read in front of them. Read for yourself. Just make sure you dedicate a certain part of your day to reading in eyes of your kids. This will create a major, huge (well add all other synonyms) in their social life.

Talk more, appreciate more, express more, listen more and there you go towards a perfect lane of communication skills building in your children.


We will definitely discuss some more perspectives regarding communication skills till then practice these easy peasy tips.

Like, share and provide me with your feedback








Golden lessons I learnt from Parenting: Unleash the real art

While everyone argues about vacations or no vacations this winter, lazy bug creeps in me too, all I want to do snug in to my blanket, watch TV, read a book or enjoy a cup of coffee but then these pending tasks won’t let me live this cozy life. So finally I decided to remove the dust off my laptop and use it to write a long waited excerpt from our conference which happened on 25th December PARENTING: UNLEASH THE REAL ART by karachi schools’ guide



Not everyone was able to attend this parenting workshop arranged exclusively by KARACHI SCHOOLS’ GUIDE so I decided to write a short blog post covering some important points we all learnt from this conference. Thanks to our amazing speakers, guests and panelists on board.

To be honest, when we first decided to execute this idea of organizing something exclusive for parents, We were not expecting much turnover but to our surprise not only over 150 parents bought tickets we also received overwhelming support from different schools and brands to organize this successful event which was a benchmark itself we are surely motivated to organize series of such events.

Event was followed by 4 speaker sessions, one panel discussion and note by chief guest. Few golden things which I learnt from all the above mentioned sessions are as followed

Being an adult, we have same level of expectations from our kids which is quite unfair for children. Why is it so difficult to let our child be child? The very first thing we should teach our kids is SELF ACCEPTANCE and should not judge them for things or allow others which are beyond their control. Make them accept the way they are and be the hero of their life as nobody else play the role as sincerely as you can. You will be surprise by the way their skills sparkle once you believe in your children the way they are.

Yes, indeed a great lesson I learnt from Ishroon Nazish’s session. Her poem related to the theme was highlight of the show. I know you will love it as much as I did.



  • Normally when we talk about parenting, major focus is upon the role of mothers however very less bother to speak about the contribution of father towards the life of their children. Aseela jaliawala did a touchy session on fatherhood and I loved every bit of it. She was very right about the fact that Mom’s way promotes safety, obviously important. But Dad’s way promotes confidence and the ability to judge. The more you sow in this beautiful relationship, the better you reap in later stages of life as a father.
  • Our world now revolves around gadgets and junk food. We instill bad eating habits in our kids and later complain. To bring the change in our kids, we first need to change ourselves. Moreover, if we are handing over drinks and chocolates to ours kids from very start and then wonder why our kids don’t eat vegetables, who is at fault? Thought provoking lesson given by Mudassir and Ayaz of team Mutrition showed us all a clear reflection of our daily life mistakes.
  • Owais Mangalwala from express tribune raised an important issue about how parents get into a conflict with their older kids in terms of career and academic choices. We as a parent need to understand that we do not own the dreams of kids and we need to be as supportive as we can be when they are capable of making their career or degree choices. Forceful decision will bring no fruit hence ruining the future of kids. The world is changing and we need to step out of the paradigm of MBBS and engineering only.
  • In a panel discussion, Maryam hanif ghazi humbly requested parents to stop overloading their kids with the stress of getting admissions in to their dream schools. She made them understand that child’s future do not revolve around few schools only and the world doesn’t ends on them however if you are preparing your child for certain school, keep it easy-going for them instead of making it a stressful journey which may harm their self-esteem in longer run.
  • Rubina feroz, clinical psychologist, stressed on a fact that parents need to give more time to their kids in order to avoid psychological disorders in teenage years. She asked all parents to be there as a good friend for their children all the time. Her quote, “it is easier to become a mother or father but it is challenging to become a parent” touched my heart.
  • Qurat ul ain altaf Hussain being an educationist shared her inspirational story about how she went against all the conventional bullying she faced during her childhood and proved herself in this challenging world. Her story taught us all that how a negative of role of any teacher can make a bad impact on any child however a timely support from parents can help a child to achieve anything in life.
  • Almas tariq, remedial therapist from FOCUS shared an inspirational story about her son that how she coped up with his dyslexia and never gave up. SHe was immensely proud of her successful child and said that as parent we should never stop believing in our kids no matter what!
  • Our chief guest Mr aziz memon raised a very important point of utilizing school buildings for more than one shifts to make access to education easier and affordable for all. I wish concerned authorities consider this issue for the well-being of citizens and use the assets in better way.

These were some of the important lessons I learnt from this conference and wish to learn more through such fruitful gatherings.

Share if you want other parents in your circle to implement some of these lessons.

Some Glimpses from the event



5 things I learnt after attending Think Wise (Agar Tum Chaho)

The Tag line itself is so powerful “AGAR TUM CHAHO” that it persuaded me to the peak because may it be a beginning or the end it is all about your own will to think out of the box or achieve big. I always convinced myself that public speaking is not my cup of tea. I was happy within my own paradigm that I can write well but I cannot speak up to the mark. However same routine and parallel activities are boring for me and when I read about this event by WMO YOUTH WING which was all about research-based presentation related to the problems snowballing within Memon community, I couldn’t resist and my exploratory nature forced me to register as a participant with my 4 other friends as a team

Life is a constant learning process and I take every new experience as a SWOT analysis of my own self. Participating in this competition made me regret why I missed the past events by WMO. These guilty pangs occurred after witnessing the potential of events arranged by WMO youth wing at THINK WISE sequel AGAR TUM CHAHO which also seemed to be their legendary benchmark


Now let me throw some light on the benefits I acquired after attending THINK WISE AGAR TUM CHAHO and why youth of Memon community should definitely look forward to such arrangements by WMO YOUTH WING

  1. This competition forced me to step out of my comfort zone and look for the solutions to the problems in which my own community is sinking. 8 teams, 8 problems, and more than 8 solutions magnificently united energetic and dedicated people under one roof. Efforts by all teams were commendable.


  1. Research? Presentations? Ah sounds boring no? I can bet no one from the audience snoozed in the entire presentation round and that’s the beauty of entire competition. Teams went beyond their capacity to prepare such presentations which thoroughly impressed the judges and kept the audience engaged. By looking at all those demonstrations, I surely noted down some public speaking and presentation tips to score the best.


  1. Team-work, yes! Team-work. Presenting to the audience and proper tuning with your team is easier said than done. I learnt how to work in a team and I comprehended marvelous exertion by other teams. Through this experience, I realized how important it is to understand the weaknesses and strengths of people around if you have to work together. Together we can achieve something extraordinary. Together we can bring in the change. Not just the participant teams but the entire event was a living example of dedicated team work. Hats off to the WMO-youth wing for tying the strings all together to bring in something which was lacking before in our community.


  1. This benefit is the one about which I can’t stop exaggerating. Things didn’t end after the event ended and I exited KSBL rather a whole new door of opportunity was opened for us. That’s the power of empowerment. The perfect guidance from mentors has motivated us to contribute our skills for the betterment of our community in near future.


  1. All is well that ends well. My day ended with a whole bunch of new friends and that too from Memon community. Now this is one amazing thing! Totally!


Motivational session by zohair ali and hilarious desi funkaryan theatre by Dramaculas were like a cherries on top. Surely blew away the stress of all teams.

I wish to be part of more such endeavors like Feminar sequels and SPARK. Congratulations WMO Youth wing Pakistan Chapter Khurram Shahzad, event leader Abdul Haseeb Vayani and his team for showcasing the remarkable effort by pulling off such significant event and helping people to raise their confidence to next level. More power to you people!