A brief guide and my experience about distant learning program from VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY

Hi there everyone!

Hope my blog will benefit you and motivate you to pursue your studies.

Because when there is a will, there is a way.

Bit long but sharing my entire journey so that it is easier for you to decide.

Life brings in different circumstances for all us. We have to compromise somehow but there are always ways out to achieve your aspirations.

About my journey, I was unable to continue my bba after 1st semester from a reputable university due to some personal reasons and this always made me regret. I did my certification in multimedia and advertising from ARENA MULTIMEDIA but I was least interested and creative in graphic designing so it did not bring in any benefit to me. I started working as a content writer and realized my potential for writing but obviously I didn’t have any relevant degree to pursue this career of journalism professionally. I was married at the age of 19 and wanted to achieve Bachelor’s degree with desperation as all my friends were studying in reputable universities, I enrolled for B.COM in GOVT College after marriage. Here again I was not at all interested in accounting and such subjects. My complicated pregnancy allowed me to escape from this program too. AGAIN A REGRET.

After my son was 2 years, the love for degree program ignited again but I couldn’t afford the hassle of re-applying for my intermediate mark sheet, and take regular coaching classes for any program as leaving home with small child was not easy for me. I started looking for accessible and easy options. One lucky day, one of my mentor suggested me to look up for VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY degree programs. And there I found a distant learning degree program which suited my interest and accessibility.

I chose to explore the entire website and finally enrolled for 2 year degree program BA in mass communication. Yes I finally found a program catering to my interest. 2 years were not easy for me considering a busy life with family and part-time work.

Anyways I would like to guide and share my experience about this distant learning program with people sailing in the same boat so that the doubts are cleared.

Admission process:

Entire process is bit easier one. You have to first fill a form online and submit all necessary details. They will get back to you through email if you are eligible for the program. They will verify your previous degree online through your credentials or roll number. My intermediate degree was verified through my roll number. Then comes the fee paying process through bank and submitting the documents on campus.

Apply online here


There are two campus in Karachi. One is at shahrae faisal. One at north nazimabad.

Rest of the campuses in different cities can be checked on their website.


Study schemes, fee structures, eligibility criteria, credit hours etc., everything is mentioned on their official website.


they have 2 year, 4 year, masters, post graduate diploma and various certificate courses.

For local fee structure:



Once your admission is finalized, you will get access to online learning management system through user name and password assigned to you.

This learning management is user-friendly and more like an online university.

All the chosen courses for respective semester or study scheme have their video lessons, time table, grading schemes, lecture handouts etc.

There is a schedule uploaded for the video lessons for all courses however you can always watch video lessons at your own convenience.

All quizzes, assignment and graded discussion board happen online.

Glimpse of LMS



How I survived this all?

There is different grading scheme for all courses so you can check the weightage of marks for every course. Quizzes and assignments give you advantage if you are unable to score good during mids and finals.

Sometimes I was unable to attend few quizzes or submit few assignments but eventually my hard work in finals and mids helped me to secure good GPA in all 4 semesters. 4 semesters for 2 year degree program. Your number of semesters depend upon your degree program.

Yes for each semester you have to visit your chosen campus for midterm and final exams.

About their examination format?

First of all, we have to make our own date sheet when the portal opens this option in given dates. We can choose our own preferred dates and time slots from the given one. Seats get filled really fast so we need to keep track of portal opening so that we can choose date and time of our convenience else we have to choose slots having empty seats.

For exams we have to visit campus.

Academic calendar specifies the starting date of midterms, finals and other important dates.

Exams happen online (on computer) at campus. Subjective and objective (MCQs) both.

Exam password is given when you make a date sheet.

I was unable to watch all videos as most of my courses were theoretical so I purchased books of handouts through website and covered my subjects through reading lessons mostly. However to clear the concepts of practical subjects, you will need to watch videos. You can purchase a CD of al lectures or download all at once from lab if your internet access is weak.

To clear exams, your concepts should be clear. NO ratta system. No filling exam sheets tension.  If your answer is logically correct, you will score well.

Various portals and facebook groups by students have past papers for different courses which will give you an idea about their examination pattern.

Your study scheme will tell you about your requirements of project/viva/internship in last semester. Mine didn’t have any project or internship requirement as I was a two year program.

Now coming towards few frequently asked questions I come across?

Is fee structure reasonable?


Is degree HEC recognized?


The Virtual University has been established by the Government of Pakistan. As such, its degrees are recognized nationally as well as internationally. Please visit the HEC web-site (http://www.hec.gov.pk/OurInstitutes/Pages/Default.aspx)

Are the courses competent?

Yes. I did one semester from a reputable university so I can confidently say that courses of VU are competent enough. Knowledge I gained by learning these courses made me confident enough to apply it in practical jobs or journalism career.

Virtual University programs are based on curricula developed by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The course outlines used in these curricula are based on international demands and standards.

Is management cooperative?

Yes very much. In my second semester I took part in coco cola MENA scholarship program and made it to semifinalists. I needed urgent transcripts and teacher recommendation letter from VU which seemed impossible to me as it was urgent but administration from head office cooperated and arranged all necessary documents for me.

If you want to go for regular BA or BCOM program I will suggest to for private degree from KU as it will save the hassle of semester system and appearing for exams 4 times a year however Virtual University is the best option if you cannot go for regular classes for 4 year degree programs or other ones.

This is it. I hope you get your answers and will think about continuing your studies.

Dream big. Achieve big.

Remember me in your prayers.


Binish Umair. https://www.facebook.com/binish.umair?ref=bookmarks

Founder Karachi Schools’ Guide https://www.facebook.com/groups/karachischoolsguide/











5 thoughts on “A brief guide and my experience about distant learning program from VIRTUAL UNIVERSITY

  1. Anonymous says:

    The writer itself is not graduate and talking abt graduation program from a university where any one can sit in place of another in exams. Writer didnt study much abt VU. The blog is no more like the answer of 12th grade Pakistan Studies.


    • Digital Scribblings says:

      Hi anonymous!
      I chose to write about it once I received the result of my last semester (two year degree program)
      About your concern regarding any one can sit in place of another, As far as I recall my time of intermediate exams, I don’t remember any one checking my admit card’s picture and my real face. This means this catastrophe is prevailing in our messed up education system. and problem occurs in most such universities.
      I did not claim about this blog to be an ultimate guide. I just shared my experience altogether for those who asked.
      I am sorry if you found it out to be the the answer of 12th grade Pakistan Studies..
      Unfortunately we have very less options for study from home which are affordable at the same time.
      I did not go for VU just to obtain a degree but technical knowledge of field I am interested in which I acquired to some extent.


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