5 things I learnt after attending Think Wise (Agar Tum Chaho)

The Tag line itself is so powerful “AGAR TUM CHAHO” that it persuaded me to the peak because may it be a beginning or the end it is all about your own will to think out of the box or achieve big. I always convinced myself that public speaking is not my cup of tea. I was happy within my own paradigm that I can write well but I cannot speak up to the mark. However same routine and parallel activities are boring for me and when I read about this event by WMO YOUTH WING which was all about research-based presentation related to the problems snowballing within Memon community, I couldn’t resist and my exploratory nature forced me to register as a participant with my 4 other friends as a team

Life is a constant learning process and I take every new experience as a SWOT analysis of my own self. Participating in this competition made me regret why I missed the past events by WMO. These guilty pangs occurred after witnessing the potential of events arranged by WMO youth wing at THINK WISE sequel AGAR TUM CHAHO which also seemed to be their legendary benchmark


Now let me throw some light on the benefits I acquired after attending THINK WISE AGAR TUM CHAHO and why youth of Memon community should definitely look forward to such arrangements by WMO YOUTH WING

  1. This competition forced me to step out of my comfort zone and look for the solutions to the problems in which my own community is sinking. 8 teams, 8 problems, and more than 8 solutions magnificently united energetic and dedicated people under one roof. Efforts by all teams were commendable.


  1. Research? Presentations? Ah sounds boring no? I can bet no one from the audience snoozed in the entire presentation round and that’s the beauty of entire competition. Teams went beyond their capacity to prepare such presentations which thoroughly impressed the judges and kept the audience engaged. By looking at all those demonstrations, I surely noted down some public speaking and presentation tips to score the best.


  1. Team-work, yes! Team-work. Presenting to the audience and proper tuning with your team is easier said than done. I learnt how to work in a team and I comprehended marvelous exertion by other teams. Through this experience, I realized how important it is to understand the weaknesses and strengths of people around if you have to work together. Together we can achieve something extraordinary. Together we can bring in the change. Not just the participant teams but the entire event was a living example of dedicated team work. Hats off to the WMO-youth wing for tying the strings all together to bring in something which was lacking before in our community.


  1. This benefit is the one about which I can’t stop exaggerating. Things didn’t end after the event ended and I exited KSBL rather a whole new door of opportunity was opened for us. That’s the power of empowerment. The perfect guidance from mentors has motivated us to contribute our skills for the betterment of our community in near future.


  1. All is well that ends well. My day ended with a whole bunch of new friends and that too from Memon community. Now this is one amazing thing! Totally!


Motivational session by zohair ali and hilarious desi funkaryan theatre by Dramaculas were like a cherries on top. Surely blew away the stress of all teams.

I wish to be part of more such endeavors like Feminar sequels and SPARK. Congratulations WMO Youth wing Pakistan Chapter Khurram Shahzad, event leader Abdul Haseeb Vayani and his team for showcasing the remarkable effort by pulling off such significant event and helping people to raise their confidence to next level. More power to you people!


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