Colgate Global Art Contest receives record breaking entries this year! Have a glimpse of winning artworks.

Pablo Picasso once said
“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
Following the key principle of Pablo’s wisdom, Colgate takes the initiative of organising the global art contest every year both locally and internationally. And this year was no exception. However the astonishing fact was, 115,595 entries were received from across the nation. Now this says a lot about the talent of our kids. Indeed it is a strong testimony of budding and flourishing love of art in our young ones.
The relation between colours and imagination dates back to the cave ages, where the children and adults drew stories on the walls of the caves, some real, some imagined, all seeped deep in history. To make this relationship of imagination and creativity, this global art contest is held every year.
The colgate art exhibition was held at Alliance Francaise, where the noble and esteemed art jury presented awards to the young winners. The walls were filled with thousands and thousands of artworks received from across the country. Children of all ages drew on a theme “what a smile and what colgate means to them.” Each painting or drawing was unique in its expression and execution. The young minds demonstrated their expressions brilliantly with master strokes of paints, crayons, colour pencils. Each artwork was a tiny story, a colourful glimpse into their brilliant mind.
Colgate art exhibition was a wonderful demonstration of how parents encouraged and motivated their children to participate in the vivid world of colours and imagination.
It was refreshing to see proud parents showing off their children’s artwork instead of grades and results. Congratulations to the parents and teachers of winning kids and all those who had the courage to participate. May all kids soar high with their immense talents.
Thumbs up to Colgate for initiating BRIGHT SMILES BRIGHT FUTURES.
-Ishroon Nazish
Team Karachi Schools’ Guide

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