Mother’s day celebration with Sindbad Wonderland


I love Sindbad, You love Sindbad. We all love Sindbad . Yes we do! Sindbad is our go-to place every other weekend for obvious reasons

  1. Refreshing outing with entertainment maintains my kiddo’s sanity
  2. I love the games equally. Since I am not that old, I have some childhood memories from Sindbad too hehe!

Receiving invitation to celebrate mother’s day at our favorite place was over joyous for me and my son.

I was definitely looking forward to some cool celebrations and an ultimate mom’s day out at the newly renovated jungle themed Sindbad at dolmen mall tariq road. Did I mention new spinning bumper car ride was the one we were most excited for?

So yeah yesterday was Mother’s day and we spent an hour at Sindbad enjoying all the games and rides.  My son enjoyed the perks his mommy received as blogger while I was thrilled with the bumper car ride.

Here are the glimpses of how we celebrated our day at Sindbad.


18492374_10155442576223933_862953143_n Trying to get some candies for me. yep! Just kidding. I didn’t get one. He treated himself with all.

18516812_10155442576208933_471750770_o We have some great obsession with cars. Hence this ride is mandatory.

18492112_10155444704273933_1508400683_n.jpg some more games!


These bumper cars were the highlight of the day. Why? because we adults can take the ride too and that’s the best part indeed. Also, this ride can let the entire family enjoy a ride together and hold a small competition as they have score board too. Get on the car and spin yourself to some craziness! Unfortunately we didn’t win this competition from other mom bloggers but loved the thrilling ride.

18493398_10155442576088933_296823946_o    18518778_10155442576023933_1352431288_n

Thank you sindbad for these lovely goodies. Absolutely loved the bookmark and mask. Divine cupcake was a yummy treat for me which of course I had to share 😀


Day spent and celebrated well. Thank you so much Sindbad for making efforts of going an extra mile to see mommies happy with their kiddos.

Thumbs up.

May you keep making families happy always!


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