Simple tips to improve your child’s communication skills

There are many queries on group about how to improve child’s spoken English and these repeated questions made me write this blog post. We all are more concerned about how our child converse or communicate in a certain language, however firstly we should concentrate more on developing overall communication skills of our kids. Instead of limiting their skills to a specified paradigm or language, we should let them communicate at their comfort in order to enhance their expressions and point of views. I am not denying to the fact that kids are adaptable to more than one language since early childhood but right now we need to pay more attention to the inclusive communication building and social skills.

According to the recent public survey, 90% of public voted in favor of communication skill as a requirement for children to success in world today and ahead.

Indeed it is.!

And from when a baby starts to communicate and with whom?

Remember those little kicks you felt in your womb when you satisfied your pregnancy cravings? Happiness expressed well from very start to the mommy and later on when the little munchkin entered this world, both the parents equally contribute towards the development of communication skills of their child. May it be verbal or non-verbal communication?

So the topic is gigantic and we can definitely work upon the series of such skills to build into our children. Let’s start from very basic things. Who play the most important role to build, develop and improve communication skills in a child? You! Yes mommy and daddy! Later school, teachers and peers play their part.

How can you do your job well?

Need to follow some elementary tips in start and definitely you will be surprised with the difference.

Be a good listener:

Yes sounds easy no? But how many of you bother to listen to those cute little stories or about little quarrels they had with their friends in school?

Obviously you do while preparing their lunch or watching TV. This is exactly where we go wrong. Our kids need uninterrupted listening from our side so that their urge to communicate and speak increases. They will be surely least bothered if they find you an aloof listener. Let them talk more, let them express and be there to listen without your phone, TV, kitchen etc.


Ask for their opinions whenever possible:

If you are watching a movie together, ask for their detailed review after it finishes. Ask about their likes and dislikes through little questions. This will not just let them be more expressive but eventually build more curiosity for next time.

If you are travelling in car, talk about sceneries and different objects. Make them speak about road conditions, billboards or things they see. This will make them fluent and observant.

If you are dining-out, let them read and work on the menu. Help them to decide by discussion about their favorite cuisines and flavors.

In short, do not miss these small opportunities to enhance your child’s communication. Excessive love bonding is a bonus. Yippee!


Appreciate more, Criticize less.

Often we hush away our kids if they come up with made up stories or Lame-for-us things and in this entire process, we deny the element that they are being child only it’s just that we have forgot to act like mature adults.

Give them value. Appreciate them often. Make wise use of your words. Try to maximize the use of encouraging words so they learn the same, build empathy and be kind with their communication. Give them positive attention and practice phrases like

Fine    Very good    Very fine    Excellent   Marvelous  you’re doing better    That’s perfect Good idea    What a clever idea

That’s it    Good job    Great job controlling yourself    I like the way you ______   I’m sure glad you are my son/daughter    Now you’ve got it    I love you

Not just in word, but your nonverbal communication should also be heartening. Hug them often. Clap for them. Pat their back. Smile. Tickle. Wink. Give a high five.images-1


Again READ:

One word but vast influence. Read for them, read to them, read in front of them. Read for yourself. Just make sure you dedicate a certain part of your day to reading in eyes of your kids. This will create a major, huge (well add all other synonyms) in their social life.

Talk more, appreciate more, express more, listen more and there you go towards a perfect lane of communication skills building in your children.


We will definitely discuss some more perspectives regarding communication skills till then practice these easy peasy tips.

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