Golden lessons I learnt from Parenting: Unleash the real art

While everyone argues about vacations or no vacations this winter, lazy bug creeps in me too, all I want to do snug in to my blanket, watch TV, read a book or enjoy a cup of coffee but then these pending tasks won’t let me live this cozy life. So finally I decided to remove the dust off my laptop and use it to write a long waited excerpt from our conference which happened on 25th December PARENTING: UNLEASH THE REAL ART by karachi schools’ guide

Not everyone was able to attend this parenting workshop arranged exclusively by KARACHI SCHOOLS’ GUIDE so I decided to write a short blog post covering some important points we all learnt from this conference. Thanks to our amazing speakers, guests and panelists on board.

To be honest, when we first decided to execute this idea of organizing something exclusive for parents, We were not expecting much turnover but to our surprise not only over 150 parents bought tickets we also received overwhelming support from different schools and brands to organize this successful event which was a benchmark itself we are surely motivated to organize series of such events.

Event was followed by 4 speaker sessions, one panel discussion and note by chief guest. Few golden things which I learnt from all the above mentioned sessions are as followed

Being an adult, we have same level of expectations from our kids which is quite unfair for children. Why is it so difficult to let our child be child? The very first thing we should teach our kids is SELF ACCEPTANCE and should not judge them for things or allow others which are beyond their control. Make them accept the way they are and be the hero of their life as nobody else play the role as sincerely as you can. You will be surprise by the way their skills sparkle once you believe in your children the way they are.

Yes, indeed a great lesson I learnt from Ishroon Nazish’s session. Her poem related to the theme was highlight of the show. I know you will love it as much as I did.



  • Normally when we talk about parenting, major focus is upon the role of mothers however very less bother to speak about the contribution of father towards the life of their children. Aseela jaliawala did a touchy session on fatherhood and I loved every bit of it. She was very right about the fact that Mom’s way promotes safety, obviously important. But Dad’s way promotes confidence and the ability to judge. The more you sow in this beautiful relationship, the better you reap in later stages of life as a father.
  • Our world now revolves around gadgets and junk food. We instill bad eating habits in our kids and later complain. To bring the change in our kids, we first need to change ourselves. Moreover, if we are handing over drinks and chocolates to ours kids from very start and then wonder why our kids don’t eat vegetables, who is at fault? Thought provoking lesson given by Mudassir and Ayaz of team Mutrition showed us all a clear reflection of our daily life mistakes.
  • Owais Mangalwala from express tribune raised an important issue about how parents get into a conflict with their older kids in terms of career and academic choices. We as a parent need to understand that we do not own the dreams of kids and we need to be as supportive as we can be when they are capable of making their career or degree choices. Forceful decision will bring no fruit hence ruining the future of kids. The world is changing and we need to step out of the paradigm of MBBS and engineering only.
  • In a panel discussion, Maryam hanif ghazi humbly requested parents to stop overloading their kids with the stress of getting admissions in to their dream schools. She made them understand that child’s future do not revolve around few schools only and the world doesn’t ends on them however if you are preparing your child for certain school, keep it easy-going for them instead of making it a stressful journey which may harm their self-esteem in longer run.
  • Rubina feroz, clinical psychologist, stressed on a fact that parents need to give more time to their kids in order to avoid psychological disorders in teenage years. She asked all parents to be there as a good friend for their children all the time. Her quote, “it is easier to become a mother or father but it is challenging to become a parent” touched my heart.
  • Qurat ul ain altaf Hussain being an educationist shared her inspirational story about how she went against all the conventional bullying she faced during her childhood and proved herself in this challenging world. Her story taught us all that how a negative of role of any teacher can make a bad impact on any child however a timely support from parents can help a child to achieve anything in life.
  • Almas tariq, remedial therapist from FOCUS shared an inspirational story about her son that how she coped up with his dyslexia and never gave up. SHe was immensely proud of her successful child and said that as parent we should never stop believing in our kids no matter what!
  • Our chief guest Mr aziz memon raised a very important point of utilizing school buildings for more than one shifts to make access to education easier and affordable for all. I wish concerned authorities consider this issue for the well-being of citizens and use the assets in better way.

These were some of the important lessons I learnt from this conference and wish to learn more through such fruitful gatherings.

Share if you want other parents in your circle to implement some of these lessons.

Some Glimpses from the event




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