One thing which you should let your child do often

Parenting is no laidback task, we all know it and swaying it totally in your own eyes is another story. Oh we so wish that we received a customized parenting guide from ALLAH for our every child but that’s also not happening. Every child is different so expecting the same outcome from all kids in a group or family is totally unfair to them. However there is one applicable things by all parents which can definitely produce amazing results in longer run. Oh wait? Did I say applicable? Yes it is applicable but it needs heaps of courage from a parent to do make this entire phenomenon happen and that too HABITUALLY.

Well, no! I am not talking about any rocket science or philosophy. I just want to say that

We Should…

Let our kids…




Start with the basics. Small stuff yes.

I will share my personal experience here. Few days back, my 4.6 year old son had a winter celebration at his school for which he had to dress up in cute jacket or winter clothing. I wanted him to wear the newest from wardrobe but he was insistent to wear his bit old spider man jacket with a hoodie cum mask. He was too excited and finally I gave up. I let him wear his fav hoodie and boy! what a joy I witnessed on his face early morning melted my heart. Moreover, the thought of not imposing my choice was another satisfaction. I realized he wouldn’t be same enthusiastic if I would have made him wear my choice of clothes.

Now, there are times when child MUST do something and we as a parent cannot give them space to make choices however we can always change our approach. For example, you have to feed veggies to your child.


Instead, if possible you eat it first. Then you can say, “Veggies make you strong and you have to eat must but you can always choose how to take them. Either with some dips or a sandwich.”

Going for grocery shopping with kids is like going to battlefield without any safety measures. Yea! No safety measures for going out of budget. Here, again we can imply the same approach of letting them make choices. Give them a budget and allow them to choose what they want to buy. Sometimes their choices might be a failure but trust me they realize it and you will witness the difference in your next trip. My son always picks up lots of chocolates and candies and kinder egg but we ask him to choose one thing and eventually he choose one. Mostly kinder egg because candy with a toy is a bonus for him 😀

Once you get into this habit of allowing your kids to make choices, you will be amazed with the transformation with their growing age. Moreover, you will witness countless such small opportunities where you will feel less burdened because your child is now independent to make a choice himself. Also, with time kids will also realize that if they are making choices, they will also be liable for consequences.

Let them make choices and they will understand the meaning of partnership, decision-making, control, failure and wins. It is very important to understand that as a parent when we need to step in and when to step back.


like and share if you think we should do this one thing often to our kids.





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