Things I learnt when I embraced lyari se yaari


12347589_911500678885752_7263469332278964884_n As a content writer, I was associated with this initiative of Lyari Se Yaari since 2015, yes I was connected with the team working from and for NO GO AREA, that’s what most of karachities like me who live across the bridge think about Lyari. Never in the last year, had I actually gathered any courage to visit the projects which have been flourished to prodigious magnitude with relentless hard work of people affiliated with it.

Finally for Inner Champ 2016, I decided to visit DCTO academy after acquiring enough inspiration from SABINA KHATRI (founder Kiran Foundation) and the team. Through out my journey with them as a content developer, I was witnessing their dedication through social media and it was time to meet the faces behind.

3 weeks back I forced my husband to take me to DCTO Academy for Inner champ 2016 boot camp and the moment I entered DCTO academy Lyari, forget the heat wave, a big surprising wave of amazement encompassed me.


Because the school premises was built up to the standards and undoubtedly better than some top notch schools of the city.

After meeting the entire team and teachers, there was another wave of reality surrounding me and I realized that entire aura of this school and people who work here has positivity, inspiration, and courage to break all the stereotypes about the Lyari Locale.

From classrooms to school walls, from a library to playground, everything was well-equipped and reflected the true vision of giving wings to people of Lyari through the weapon of education.

After such a hospitable visit, I stepped out of school with few imperative things which I learnt with all my heart

  • The Youth of Lyari has some x-factor and that’s why the sky is the limit for them.
  • There are two sides of the coin. There is one side of Lyari which media shows and there is another side which I perceived and definitely its opposite of what we read in a newspaper or watch on television.
  • Education and awareness are important to the residents of Lyari and they are ever ready to learn new things.

Inner Champ 2016 which was held outside Lyari, rolled out successfully and I was amazed at the team that how brilliantly they handled up and downs pre and post event. They surely won’t give up and pass through every obstacle on the path towards success.

More power to the best people of Lyari!

Best of luck for future endeavors.






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