13 Don’ts once you sign up for a Facebook account


After food, shelter and clothes, facebook is slowly becoming a necessity for all and tech addicts. But there are few Don’ts one definitely need to know once you sign up for the Facebook account to save yourself and the world from online torture while scrolling a newsfeed.

  1. You don’t need to upload all 10 same selfies straight from your phone and then get frustrated when you don’t get likes on all of them.
  2. You don’t need to update your feelings every time you feel something. Trust me, your friend list will FEEL DISGUSTED by your feelings trauma.
  3. You don’t need to feel alone with 37 others. Yeah, no excessive tagging, please!
  4. You don’t need to expect a reply from a person if their messenger shows ACTIVE NOW! They don’t owe you a reply even if they are online.
  5. There is this thing called INBOX. Private messages should be sent via inbox instead of posting on person’s wall. A big NO NO for show off stuff
  6. If you are joining any Facebook group, do not forget to read the rules of that group otherwise you will be kicked out on breaking any of them and may lose some informative and virtual hangout place.
  7. Don’t like pages with cheap morals or images. This will create a negative impact of your personality.
  8. Do not exaggerate or write lies in your working/job status. ANNOYING IT IS!
  9. Your profile name should be your real name and not a cheesy one. No prince/princess/angel/sweet/sugary/spicy first or last names PLEASE!
  10. Do not add every other random person in your friend list as it will create extreme privacy infringement.
  11. Do not upload your personal pictures with “PUBLIC” privacy settings.
  12. It is better to communicate with your life partner in personal instead of doing JANU MANU DARLING SHARlING publicly.
  13. And most of all, do not expect from everyone to agree with your perception. Develop some tolerance instead of bashing others for nothing.

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