EXHALING BEAUTIFUL WORDS: 5 reasons why Poetry Slam was worth attending!



Ever heard about a language which is the most distilled and most powerful? The language which you learn once you start to feel and observe things around with depth of your soul? The Language which comprises of beautiful words having the supremacy to transform lives? Talking about none other than the language of poetry. The more you pay heed to this language, more you fall in love with it. And that’s exactly what happened to me after attending two episodes of POETRY SLAM KARACHI. One-of-the-kind event brought all poetry lovers together on a single floor to speak their heart out.

Here is my take on why poetry slam episodes are worth attending:

  1. You will get to meet people who share the equivalent love for words as you do. I cheered to new friendships. Time to share my write-ups with some new folks and read theirs’.
  2. You will witness the tornado of talent, confidence and coolness. Definitely ending up being wowed by amazing performers. I found myself drowning in the sea of emotions.
  3. If you are a poet already, you will be buckled up to write more and if not, who knows a poet is born after attending this poetry slam. You will not resist to get back to your keyboard or get hold of your writing pad. I actually observed people writing fresh poetries while sitting there and that’s what I call a perfect poetic evolution.
  4. The applaud you receive after performing over an open mic is bound to take you to the seventh sky and confidence level rises up to infinity. I performed and messed up a bit too but gained a lifetime experience.
  5. They say, “To have great poets, there must be great audiences.” Poetry Slam Karachi has surely acquired an awesome bunch of attendees. You will feel welcomed and you don’t have to be a poet to show up but just a decent listener.

All in all, a great initiative to revive the literature and sparkle its crown which is called POETRY. Looking forward to more of such excitement in future. Thumbs up to Nida Saif (CEO) and her team. Enjoyed being a Brand Ambassador of #poetryslamkhi





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