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After making this group KARACHI SCHOOLS’ GUIDE on facebook and reading so many points of views by parents, I came to the conclusion that English conversation is the major concern of all. Everyone is expecting too much from school in terms of English fluency and vocabulary while making no efforts at home! We need to realize that an adult in child’s life plays the most important role, and everyday conversations and interactions are significant to build new vocabulary. In fact, the number of words a child is exposed to by his parents relates directly to the size of the child’s vocabulary

I am writing this post specifically to define some easy methods for all parents to follow which will improve you and your child with vocabulary and English conversation.

Read, read and read.
A child who reads today is the child who leads tomorrow! Well, dedicate at least some of your time reading to your child. And this implies for mother and father both. No! Mother does not have all the responsibility! Daddy has to make an equal effort! No need to buy expensive books. You can swap books with your family friends or buy second-hand books. If your child is old enough, make him write the review after reading a book. Few lines are also enough initially!

For the love of Games:
Make your weekend an extra fun by spending quality time together and playing constructive games like scrabble, crosswords, hangman etc. This will surely help in introducing new words to your child.
Word of a day!
One member of a day decides one word every day, write it on some sticky note with the meaning and stick it on a fridge. Now every family member should learn those words and by the end of the week hold a family competition. Winner gets a book in reward. If a school can hold a spelling bee contest, why not you do the same at home? Let it be between father, mother and child only.
English movies and program
If you have a toddler, baby tv is the best for screen time. NO DOREMON PLEASE! But if you have teenagers at home, try to watch news channels in English and English movies. As a freelance writer, I was good at writing but my communication skills were weak. I only improved by watching English movies. Thanks to my husband hehe!
Action speaks louder than words:
If your child fails to understand a new English word, try to explain through tone, facial expressions or gesture. For example, if you are using a word “angry” make such expressions! This will help!
Help your child understand what a new word means
By giving details about new words or explaining what words means, you build your child’s understanding of new words. For example, For example, if you are talking about the word “nervous,” you might say something like “Remember when you started preschool – you felt nervous. But eventually, when you were more comfortable there, you didn’t feel nervous anymore.”
Speak it yourself:
Do not expect from your child to learn new words if you are not speaking those words in front of them like hundreds of times. Yes! A child hears first and then learn,
The bottom line… it’s not just how much you say, but also what you say and how you say it that makes a difference for your child’s vocabulary growth. Keeping one step ahead of your child will promote his vocabulary skills, and also set him on the path towards success in school.
Please share your feedback so that I am motivated to write more such posts!




  1. Samreen owais says:

    Well done binish umair… i understand english bt i cant speak… wht should i do… i understand ur post and really appreciate ur work…


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