Treat for your face!

Summers are here and not long ago we also said hello to juicy berries. STRAWBERRIES. These cute little and red berries melt my heart in any form. May it be strawberry smoothies, desserts, ice creams or simply served in plate, I can never say no for strawberries. Always a treat for my tongue and I recently discovered, my face loves them equally. How?
I am not that kind of person who will go to any salon for a natural fruity facial and spend my entire pocket money on it and that’s the reason I am always in search of inexpensive and effective beauty regimes. Just one day I was making a strawberry smoothie for my son and after he had it, I rubbed the remains of smoothie on my face. Washed my face after 5 mins. Obviously, It was so random that I forgot what I did to my face in few hours.
The very next day I realized while washing my face that it has that different glow indeed a beautiful one and the first thing popped into my mind were strawberries. YAYE! I loved what they did to my face.
By the way, I have oily  and acne prone skin!
Again after few days, I took 1 tbsp of yogurt and mashed one strawberry into it and applied on my face. Washed after 5 mins and said HI TO INSTANT GLOW.
In case berries go short,  I prepared a batch of frozen strawberries for my face and I couldn’t resist and share this beauty tip with you guys. I hope you love them as much I did and include this facial mask in your weekly beauty routine.
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