Mirror to the soul #selfie

Last night before heading out, I wore my Fav outfit and was ready to leave

“Damn, I look good, let’s take a selfie.” My heart muttered.
*click* *click* *click*………….*click* for the 40th time

“Okay! Now I should upload one to share with my friends.” Again a whisper came from inside

Choosing one was difficult, finding a perfect one drained my brain.

Finally cherry-picked the best of 40 selfies.

The one which looked perfect from all angles.

Oh well! All others were somehow the same but this one looked beyond amazing.

Because for this one, I chose to snub all imperfections (which are still there) and show it to the world.

And exactly at this moment of time, my heart pondered… so much effort for one selfie, why not the same for your real soul.

Why shouldn’t I overlook my imperfections to work on the best features of my character? Why underestimating own self for weaknesses when strengths can be excelled

A bit of editing, few more filters to the character and Yayee!!! Your best version is ready to go.

If you think so much prior showing off one mere selfie to the world which has to be best, why not working on your real self?

Let the next selfie of yours become a mirror to your soul

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Image courtesy: google





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