I Have A date!

Hi all! This is my first blog post and that’s why I posted something which came straight from my heart to keyboard. Give a read and you will be injected with a dose of self-love. GUARANTEED!

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I have a date

It’s been long

I haven’t met anyone special

It’s been long

I haven’t stepped out of my shell

It’s been long

I haven’t felt pretty

It’s been long

I haven’t craved for cake and coffee

It’s been long

I am swimming with the waves

Instead of sailing my own boat

It took me long to realize

Before I drown

I should date

And settle down with the best

No more contingency

No more heartbreaks

I will smile

Because I have a date

I am getting ready

Wearing my prettiest maxi

They said I look gorgeous


I tried to hide my wide grin

A pink lipstick and wide up chin

Breaking up the cocoon

Staring up to the romantic moon

Breaking up with silence

I am ready to meet my date

I feel nervous

What if will it be disastrous?

Brushing off the anxiety

Stepping forward

Towards my date

I promise myself

Will accept all the flaws

Will see the best


But I will make it clear this time

I have my own rules

I will carry my own tiara

Will cook my own pies

Bake my own cakes

Fly at my own time

Don’t you dare?

Ever let me down

No one can now take off

My crown

I am here

My date is here

Hello? What’s up?

It took us so long

To meet


Distance was long

From my bed to the mirror

But the reflection

Is much clear!

Finally, I met my date

And it’s time to win the game

Check and mate!



















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